My name is Calum (Neil MacDonald) Gillies, and I’m a lad from a tiny wee island called Raasay, sandwiched between the Isle of Skye and Mainland Scotland.

Like a lot of Islanders, I'm a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. I worked at sea for many years, in the galley, stewarding, deck work or just pottering around in the boat fishing or laying creels here at home. Between getting my degrees in Radio Studies and Sound Production I've worked in our local shop, as a tour guide, freelance photographer, editor, gardener, toilet cleaner, artist and plenty of other things in between.

My artwork, and what you'll find on here primarily, is the detailed fine-line drawings I tend to specialise in. They take inspiration from various sources, and you can find a better, more detailed breakdown of my process, tools and advice in my Frequently Asked Questions Section

I do a lot of different things