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Based on jokes and references from The Complete Guide to Everything, originally drawn using Staedler Pigment liners onto Bristol Board A4 paper. 

The Story- The Complete Guide To Everything is a comedy podcast that I have been listening to since 2010. This August I broke my hip in a rock climbing accident and I've been stuck inside waiting for various bones to stich back together. Luckily TCGTE has been in my ears to keep boredom away, and since it's come up to my 6th aniversary of listening, I decided to create a pice that was stuffed full of jokes and references from thoughout the shows history. Here's just a few of the easter eggs and references included:

  • Horses
  • Muppets & Muppets Bus 
  • Bigfoot (regular and small sized)
  • Starbucks (with platnum cards)
  • House from Real Life San Francisco (With Pucks bike)
  • Splish Splash/Lazy River & Dangerous Flume
  • Tim Riding a dangerous Rollercoaster with a horse
  • Yard of various Fast Food outlets
  • Scottish Storytelling Cente
  • Timo, Blue Man Group, Folding Time Billboards
  • McKittrick Hotel 
  • The Honey Bunches of Oats Memorial Verne Display
  • Metal/Meta Man
  • Tom holding the door for the guy who did Supersize Me
  • Tims old Basement room with cupboard and security camera
  • Toms Apartment with Dog, Studio, Oculus Rift and someone playing the Wii
  • Batcave with Batmobile and T-Rex
  • Tim throwing a TV smashed with a chair out of a window
  • Loch Ness Monster

And loads more. If you're a fan of The Complete Guide to Everything then there's tonnes for you to find and enjoy. I was lucky enough to send a copy to Tim and Tom when they were doing a live show this year, and Tom actually framed his! Good guy.

We offer A4 prints of this piece at the original size it was drawn at (210 × 297 millimeters). All my drawings are scanned into Photoshop and the linework/imperfections tidied and sharpened up. My intention is for these prints are better quality and clearer than the original drawing! 

Note- These prints are not framed

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