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"My Dad Wrote a Porno" Supercity (Fine Line Illustration)

Based on jokes and references from the My Dad Wrote a Porno Podcast, originally drawn using Staedler Pigment liners onto Bristol Board A4 paper. 

 My Dad Wrote a Porno is a comedy podcast that I have been obbsessed with for the last year. It's a hilarious exporation of one sons dedication to reading his fathers incredible and bizzare self-published erotic literature. I decided to create a peice that was stuffed full of jokes and references and nudey ladies from thoughout the show & book. Here's just a few of the easter eggs and references included:

  • The "F******" Leather Room
  • Steele Pots & Pans HQ
  • Town Hall Clock
  • Ritz Spa
  • The "Harpies" Club with Window Show (Feat. BB & Zara)
  • Herengracht (Gentleman's Canal)
  • Mediocre Medium Sized Quite Rubbish Maze
  • Trellis
  • Jim Sterling (Feat. black Thong)
  • Pentra Hotel
  • Horse & Jockey Pub (feat. Security Cameras)
  • Motel (With Dutchess and BB in Window)
  • Landrover & Horse Box (Spilling contents)
  • Peter Rouse HQ (Feat. Leather Desk)
  • Casino Etoile
  • Forresters of Knights Bridge
  • Three Singing Irishmen
  • Special Jay
  • Various Mile High City Jet Planes


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We offer A4 prints of this piece at the original size it was drawn at (210 × 297 millimeters). All my drawings are scanned into Photoshop and the linework/imperfections tidied and sharpened up. My intention is for these prints are better quality and clearer than the original drawing! 

Note- These prints are not framed

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