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Traction City London

Calum Gillies Art

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A unique, hand-drawn piece designed and created entirely by myself, originally drawn using Staedler Pigment liners onto Leuchtturm A4 Sketchbook paper. 

Philip Reeve's Mortal Engines Quartet is one of my all-time favourite book series, taking place in a world of massive, lumbering cities that travel post-apocalyptic Europe, fighting and eating each other. It's an incredibly well-realised world and has probably influenced my artistic styles more than anything else. This is my first successful attempt to illustrate a city on a larger scale. London was the first "traction City", and home to the central character, Tom. It plays an important part in the series going forward and is one of the series most distinctive locations. At the top is the recognisable dome of St Pauls, as well as the Engineers Guild. Throughout the city you can make out various airship stations (such as Charing Cross), the natural history musuem, the odd character and much more! 

We offer A4 prints of this piece at the original size it was drawn at (210 × 297 millimeters). All my drawings are scanned into Photoshop and the linework/imperfections tidied and sharpened up. My intention is for these prints are better quality and clearer than the original drawing! 

Note- These prints are not framed


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