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Break Barrow Reef

Calum Gillies Art

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Bleak Barrow Reef (Fine Line Illustration) 

Originally drawn using Staedler Pigment liners onto Leuchtturm A4 Sketchbook paper. 

Break Barrow Reef! A huge and precarious breakers yard build upon the decks of a long-since stranded ships. Churches, pubs and houses cling to the top, cranes and ladders and ricketty stairways link each level from sea to sky. The guts and skeletons of vessels jut out at every angle, holding the entire city together in a dangerous balancing act. On the broken stern, ships are pulled up to be stripped for parts and valuable materials. All the while merchants and vistors sail by, looking up at Break barrow Reef and wondering "Could they not have put it anywhere else?"

I wanted to make a piece that, like many of my city drawings, had a real sense of wonder and exploration. I wanted people to be able to get a sense of the development of this crazy city as well- where it was built from and the various stages and strange considerations taken when building it.

What you get-  We offer A4 prints of this piece at the original size it was drawn at (210 × 297 millimeters). All my drawings are scanned into Photoshop and the linework/imperfections tidied and sharpened up. My intention is for these prints are better quality and clearer than the original drawing! 

Note- These prints are not framed


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