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Among Closes and Clouds

Calum Gillies Art

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Stromness Amongst Closes and Clouds (Fine Line Illustration) 


This piece was originally part of The Street Uncoiled exhibition hosted in Northlight Gallery. Organised by members of the MÓTI art collective, the exhibition hosted original artworks created to celebrate Per Mare, the 200th anniversary of Stromness becoming a Burgh of Barony. 

Accompanying Caption

Even before I moved to Orkney, Stromness was somewhat of an obsession of mine. The winding alleyways, tight closes and rich history of this town make it so distinctive and unique. I have tried to encapsulate the feeling of tight streets, stacked buildings and closes in my drawing, in which I re-imagine Stromness as a giant towering pillar of buildings, piers and ships. I wanted to portray the scale and complexity of the town’s beautiful architecture and style, connected by winding alleys, cobbled streets and stairs, as well as piers and cranes lifting goods to various parts of the town. I have enjoyed photographing and documenting buildings, as well as looking through photo archives and books to find buildings, businesses and distinctive Stromness landmarks from the past, some of which no longer exist. 

We have original sized A3 prints available, as well as A4 and the Among Closes and Clouds annotated guide, a small booklet with re-drawn illustrations of the buildings featured with original notes taken during my researching and exploring of Stromness. The guide is a good way to understand some of the small details and ideas behind some of the drawings.

The A4 prints are good quality, but be aware some detail is lost when reducing it in size- I recommend A3 for the best detail and picking out all the wee features!

Note- These prints are not framed

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